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Bee Removal/Rescue

It is wonderful to remove the bees and keep them alive to put them into a better and safer home of the wooden hive box with frames and foundation. Here we are falling in love with the bees. Check out this video of a bee transfer

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Beekeeping 101

We all know the bee population has some problems. Even though some cities do not allow bees and actually kill them along with many city services, except Cox Communications who saves the bees, we need people to keep bees so the population of bees will continue to pollinate all our fruit trees and vegetables.

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Our Products

Pure – Raw – Local

Let me explain what pure, raw, local untreated honey means. Pure means it is strained so the wax we de-cap from the honeycomb are removed from the honey and all the nutrients from the hive remain. We use this untreated wax in our other products! Store bought honey has been put through an extruder to take out all the pollen and other nutritious elements.

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